If you’re excited to have a Pinterest-worthy photoshoot, but unsure of how to get the look and what to wear, then I’m here to help! Whether you’re working with me or another photographer, it’s normal to have questions about wardrobe preparation.

Here are some ‘what to wear’ tips that I always share with my families so they can make the most out of their photo session.

For more casual sessions like my farming and work style photoshoots, almost anything goes! Feel free to express yourself and your true style by wearing any colours that you love. If you usually wear a bright pink shirt for work – why not wear it with pride during your photoshoot too?

If you’ve invested in a family portrait session, then planning what to wear is one of the most fun parts of preparing for your session. This is your chance to express who you really are and show off your beautiful family.

You don’t need to stress about getting outfits together – I’m here to help if needed! Some basic tips include making sure everyone’s clothing compliments each other and fits well, avoiding busy patterns, and dressing everyone according to the season. With these tips in mind you’ll be sure to create images that will last a lifetime!

6 Tips on What To Wear at Your Photography Session

1. The most important tip for choosing your wardrobe is to be yourself and dress comfortably! No matter what type of photoshoot you’re having – casual, formal, or a lifestyle session – it’s important that the clothing reflects who you are and what your style is. If you don’t usually wear dressy clothing, then don’t try to force it. Instead, choose an outfit that fits your personality and still looks great. Don’t worry if it’s not the fanciest outfit in the world – as long as it looks good and makes you feel comfortable, that’s all that matters!

2. Instead of matching everyone in the same colour, aim to coordinate rather than match. If you choose to wear similar colours, it’s important to pick a range that provide variety and contrast – otherwise the results can feel dull or stagnant. Earthy and natural tones look great against almost any skin tone, and you can incorporate some patterns or checks if desired – just try not to have too many! That way, each photo will have character and personality that stands out.

3. Try to avoid bright and fluorescent colours, as well as graphics – not only can they be overpowering in photos, but they also tend to go out of style quickly. Athletic shirts can be a great look for kids, but try to stick with more muted hues so that your children’s faces don’t get lost in the colour.

4. Make sure the clothing fits properly – although it can be tempting to buy larger sizes to make clothes last, baggy or rolled-up clothing won’t look good in photos. Investing in the right size will ensure that the children look and feel their best during the shoot.

5. Mum, this is your time to shine! Invest in an outfit that makes you feel confident – whether it’s a dress or something else. You’ll be in photos as well, so choose something you know looks great and makes you feel good. Once you’ve picked out your outfit, the rest of the family can coordinate theirs around yours.

6. Ask your photographer for help! Don’t be shy. We are more than happy to help you along the way. Promise!

And remember, these are just guidelines, not rules!!

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