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I am Amy, wife, mum of three, grazier and photographer based in Central Queensland.  I love to capture the candid memories of families, those perfectly imperfect moments that are often, so easily lost with time.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved photographs and  the wonder felt about the people within the photo: who they were, what their life was like…. What was the story?  Even looking back at our own photos, the memories and emotions that would come flooding back as you immerse yourself in another time or moment.

I love the perfectly imperfect.  Our true memories: the tears, the laughter, the raw, honest emotions.  Capturing your family in their own environment, with their own personalities shining through.  The real stories of your family, just as they are… perfectly imperfect.

“I started photographing my family when they were young as a way of documenting their life and how we spent our time as a family.  These photos tell the stories of their lives. These are their memories to one day look back on.”

It was not always happy smiling faces, there were tears and “Is it hometime now Mummy?” a couple of hours into a day of fencing; or a tired little toddler asleep in the swing in the cattle yards while we were drafting.  I wanted to remember these times, and I wanted my kids to remember these times as well.  These are their stories, and these stories shaped the people they are today.

These are the memories that are important to me, time goes by so fast, and with it, life changes so quickly … I want to remember the seasons of our life.  Because these moments mean so much to me, I am sure they do to others, and this is why I want to be able to capture these memories for other families as well.

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