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Professional Long Lasting Prints 

Show off your portraits

After our session is completed, and your photos are ready, they will be uploaded into your personal online gallery.

This gallery will also allow you the option to purchase prints through my professional printer directly online.

If you are just after some prints, or a masterpiece to display, we have something to fit every budget!

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Timber Art Mount Box

These beautifully made timber boxes are designed as bench top or table top display frames, and are double sided.  They come in two sizes – a 10”X8” box with 8”x6” matted prints, or a 11”x14” box with 12”x8” matted prints.  

Both sizes can can be purchased with the option of either 10 or 15 prints inside, giving you the options of changing up you displayed prints easily due to the concealed hinges and magnetic clasps.

These beautiful boxes are hand made, and include your option of premium matt prints.

Timber Art Mount Box

Mounted Floating Prints

The Mounted Floating Prints are quite possibly my personal favourite for printing!!  Your image is printed onto a smooth matte paper, and is printed using Premium Fine Art Pigment.  The edges of your print are then prepared, then it is floated in between two pieces of acrylic and framed in one of the Ultra Matte frame moulding of your choice.

All frames have hangers on the back ready to go.

Traditional Timber Frames

Traditional Timber Frames are classic and always a favourite.  Your photographs are printed on Traditional Lustre Photographic paper, which is mounted into a mat, and enclosed in a beautiful frame made of Italian sourced mouldings, with a lightweight acrylic glazing that protects your picture.

With the smaller pieces, you can use adhesive strips to attached the frames to the wall, but larger pieces will need a single hanging point and with bigger pieces you may need two hanging points.  

Matted Prints

Another option that we have available is a matted print ready to frame.

A print by itself can be a delicate item, particularly large prints. Handling and finishing prints is one of our specialties, so we would love to ensure that your images are beautifully mounted and protected when you receive them.

Torn Edge & Display Boxes

Other options that we have available are prints with a hand torn edge, which are just something a little different and boxes to display your beautiful prints in.

These boxes can either be acrylic or fabric boxes.

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