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YAY!! You have booked your session, so now what?

I am so looking forward to telling your family story!  Each family and session are completely individual, and because of that, there is a lot of planning behind the scenes that goes into your session. 
Over the coming weeks, you will here from me via email getting you to complete a questionnaire for your session and I may have some further questions. 
During this time, I will also give you information on how we will personalise your session, planning what to wear, how to choose your locations, the timing, and how to prepare everyone for your session. 
My goal is to create family photos that you love, by capturing the raw and honest connection between your family!


I love to capture your family in their own environment.  This is where they are more comfortable and tells more of your story, and this is why I love to travel to you!  Think of locations that have meaning to your family. 

Click HERE to read my guide to choosing a location for your family session. 

If you don’t have a location available to you, please let me know and I can offer you some options!


As I am a natural light photographer, all of my sessions are usually outside.  Because of this, the ideal shooting time for the best light is the last hour before sunset or just after sunrise.  When you booked your date with me, the time on that booking was an indicative time, as this may vary closer to your session date with the timing of sunset.  The week before your session, I will be in touch to give you a firmer time on when sunset is and our best shooting window.

If you have a requirement to shoot outside of golden hour, please note that your photos may not look exactly like many of those you would have seen on my social media.  The lighting will be very different at different times of day.  We can certainly shoot at these times of the day, your photos just may look a little different. 

Click HERE to read my guide on shooting at different times of the day.  

What to wear: 

Comfort is key when it comes to wardrobe choices for your photoshoot – if you don’t feel right in what you wear, it’s going to show! That being said, I leave the decision up to my clients – you know best what you and your family want from your sessions and what they like to wear. 

If you are looking for some more guidelines on what to wear, click HERE to read my What to wear guide. 

Preparing your children and family for your session: 

When photographing children, it is best to give them some time and space to relax. Don’t worry if they are running around or active — these moments often capture their true personalities! To get the family shots, just have the adults “be” with the child or cuddle up close — this usually gets great results.
To get the most from your session, make sure that your little one is well-rested and fed snacks and water in-between shots. Also, try to bring snacks that won’t spoil their look.
To prepare them for the session, let them know that a friend will be taking photos of them — surprise photoshoots may not go as planned! 

Click HERE for my guide on best preparing your children for your photo session.

Arrival Time: 

Be sure to arrive on time (or even a bit early!) for your session — 15 minutes late can set you back a lot, due to the nature of my photography. We may not have the right light to make up for lost time!

I can’t wait to capture your family!  Do not hesitate to ask me any questions you have.  See you soon!

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