Do I travel?

With all of my packages, I include up to 100km from Moura, but anything above further than that I do have to charge some travel.  Please Contact Me for a custom quote on travel.

What locations should I select for our shoot?

The most important thing here is the locations have to have some meaning to you and your family.  Ideally for at least the last part of our session, I would love to have a location which is open facing out to the west to capture the very best of the afternoon light.  I do love a scattering of trees as it adds some interest, but I can talk you through these options as we plan our session!!

What time will our session be?

I love to work within the golden hour, which is the last hour of sunlight before the sun sets.  This gives us the most beautiful light for our sessions, soft and golden, so I like to time all of my session to finish just on sunset or just after.

How and when will I receive my photos?

Your beautiful photos will be delivered within 4 weeks of your session via an online gallery for you to download your images in full high resolution for printing, and also in a web sized image for social media.  I can deliver via a USB if you would prefer.

Can I print my photos directly through you?

YES!  I love it when my families ask me to print their photos for them!  I have an online store attached to each of my galleries, so you can purchase directly through your gallery for your convenience.  No uploading photos, no going to a print store next time you are in town, you can do it directly from home! 

 The biggest benefit of this process, is my computer is calibrated to the print companies that I have selected to use, so your colours will always come out perfectly!  I also check the prints on each paper type that is to be printed on and make any required edits to the print before it goes to the print company to ensure that you will receive the most perfect images!

Do you do photoshop and touch up?

If this is what you are after, I am possibly not your photographer!  I do do a little bit of spot removal if needed, but my style is all about who you and your family are.  I love my images to look real and natural, not overly edited and touched up.  Your children are not going to look back on these images and think about the wrinkles they can see, they are going to look back and see the Mum (or Dad) that they love so much and the memories you made together.

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